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We help you locate the best of Småland. Knowledge about our region and close interaction with local entrepreneurs make us the perfect partner for finding the best of Småland.

Småland offers both the experiences a visitor to Sweden may expect, and plenty of unexpected adventures. Accessible nature for everyone as well as design destinations are some of our treasures. Let us guide you to the gems your customers will love.

We have great experience in helping international tour operators find just the right combination of accommodations, activities and sites to match various target groups. We are happy to offer the help you need, whether it involves introducing you to interesting local actors or assisting in planning and putting together attractive packages.

Småland is a perfect reason to visit Sweden all on its own. Due to its geographical location, a visit to our region can also easily be combined with a stay in any of Sweden’s three largest cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö.

"Welcome to join a rewarding cooperation."

Hanna Glans, Project Manager

Let's explore Småland together.

  • We would be happy to show you our beautiful part of Sweden and all the possibilities that lies beneath our feets. Contact us and feel free to read Visit Swedens digital agent manual (link below).

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